Painting a picture of young female well-being

Software enables female based organizations to assess their programs to share stories of girls, fund programs and evaluate efforts.



To discover, develop, and deliver innovative solutions that enable young girls to reach their full potential.

We provide girls a safe and fun space to share their stories, and organizations a tool to maximize the development of young leaders.

Subjective, quantitative and scalable program
assessment is critical to:

Share stories of
women and girls

Improve female
empowerment programs

Fund gender
equality efforts


Getting quality insights from participants can be hard.

Through our gamified assessment model, educators are able to assess student development quickly and objectively. We spent an entire year, perfecting our assessment methods to ensure organizations like yours receive the highest quantity and quality insights

How it works


of participants could give examples of applying self-regulation

We beleive in capturing program feedback directly from participants. With SheLeads, assessments are embedded in story based games. The choices made within game choices and game writing activities reflect the responses often provided by educator observations or surveys.
writing on whiteboard

of participants self-identified as a female leader

We follow curated patterns of formative and self assessment. Our software enables educators to compare their observations with student self perceived behaviour to measure change seamlessly.
group of girls


Thank you to our supporters. We are incredibly grateful for the organizations that enable us to run SheLeads.

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