Evaluations for Equality

We help organizations evaluate the impact of diversity and inclusion initatives. We match customers with customized evaluation to measure return on investment, understand impact and design next steps.

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Who We Are

We are previous program managers and facilitators. After experiencing the difficulty of evaluating equality work impact we started SheLeads.

We believe equality work should be data driven. We make evaluation accessible through tested evaluations and rich reports.


We make evaluations painless.

(Yes it is possible)

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Share your needs.

We get to know your unique evaluation needs through our intake survey.

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Custom Evaluation

Based on your survey responses we match you with an an evaluation customized to satisify your data needs.

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Data Collection

We provide accesss codes to anonymously collect survey responses from your participants. We use a series of academic surveys and our tested models.

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Complete Reports

We provide actionable data and suggested next steps.


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Safe and Secure

We provide a safe space for participants to share feedback, thoughts and feelings. Participants access surveys using a unique code to protect anonymity.

More Data

Our surveys have an 80% Response Average.
We offer select, high-quality evaluations. Our focus allows us to exceed the industry response average by 50%.
Contact us to learn what outcomes we are currently tracking.

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Complete Analysis

We provide complete reports to customers with suggested next steps, return on investment and areas of celebration. Our unique database allows customers to access exclusive baselines to enrich reports.
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