Diversity evaluations are changing the inclusion landscape

By: SheLeads Team

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While 87% of medium-small businesses stated that Diversity and Inclusion, also known as D&I, is a priority for their organization, only 19% claim to be fully ready. Industry leaders understand the importance of D&I but few know how to jumpstart their inclusion strategy.

Diversity can be a sensitive topic. There is a question of how to create a safe space to talk about difficult subjects, protect your company from harm and provide employees the support to learn and grow.

We believe that your diversity and inclusion initiatives should be framed by data straight from your unique team.

You wouldn’t launch a sales strategy, marketing campaign or development project without data and research to frame your initiative. The same data-driven approach should be used for Diversity and Inclusion with a Diversity Survey.

If done correctly, a Diversity Survey is a powerful tool to see where you are doing well, obtain actionable recommendations, identify areas for improvement and more. Diversity Surveys can be catered to your unique inclusion needs.

We believe in collecting data and applying it. We’ve curated some ways to use your Diversity and Inclusion data effectively:

Attract diverse talent

Evaluations can tell you what is keeping diverse talent and how you might create a space where additional members can thrive. This can be anything from regular events, to pay, to your relationship between management and staff. 67%(3) of candidates want to join a diverse team, meaning that you’ll find much greater success in candidates when applying diversity practices into your workplace.

Retain diverse employees

Only 20% of diversity and inclusion technology supports employee retention. Understanding what practices are adding value to your workplace can help you identify what employees are at risk and how you can mitigate turnover moving forward.

Measure return on inclusion investment

Diversity and inclusion has been linked to higher profits and better company culture. You can calculate how much you are saving in employee retention, new talent and lower levels of company conflict. This information can support funding for future initiatives and frame your diversity practices for the year.

Develop your diversity training

We believe training and evaluation go hand in hand. Often times an evaluation frames what your training might look like and continue to influence it as time goes on. Your diversity survey introduces what issues your team is current facing and where you should start education to build an effective training strategy. Over 57% of employees want to prioritize diversity in their workplace, ensuring that the want for this training exists just as much as the need.

Story-tell inclusion wins

Diversity and Inclusion is a community issue. It is just as important to identify and share wins as it is to catch issues. Communicating your impact to investors, shareholders and internal employees can help drive morale and support for your diversity efforts.

We hope this list helps you imagine how your company can benefit from diversity evaluations. Want to chat more or hear how SheLeads can specifically help you?

Send us a note at hello@sheleadsapp.com We would love to hear from you.

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